How do I create a connection with Facebook Lead Ads?

The Facebook Lead ads integration is available from a Plus or Professional account.

You can use the MailBlue Facebook Lead Ads integration to synchronise leads directly from Lead ads to MailBlue. This allows you to:

  • Create and update contacts in MailBlue when a Lead Ads form is submitted
  • Capture information after a Lead Ads form submission, so you can view it in the contact profile
  • Start automations based on Lead ads forms

What will be discussed in this article:

Please note

  • To set up this integration, you need a MailBlue account and a Facebook Business account with Lead ad forms enabled.
  • This integration does not add contacts to a list in MailBlue. To send an email to these contacts, you must use the automatic action "Subscribes to list" to add them to a list.
  • You need to create Lead ads form fields and custom fields for MailBlue contacts before setting up this integration.
  • You can only assign existing Lead ads form fields to existing contact fields in MailBlue.
  • It is not possible to assign Lead ads form fields to account or deal fields.
  • Lead ads cannot create new custom contact fields in your MailBlue account.

Configure your Facebook Lead Ads integration

  1. From your MailBlue account, click on "Apps."
  2. Use the search bar to find and select the Lead ads integration.
  3. Click on the "Add Account" button in the top right corner.
  4. A modal window will appear. Click on the "Connect" button.
  5. The configuration process will redirect you to your Facebook account. Follow the instructions to log in to your account and choose the correct Lead ads account(s) by clicking on the checkbox(es).
  6. Click on "Next."
  7. On the next screen, choose the access you want to grant to MailBlue using the Yes or No switches.

    Please note: To make the integration work, you must grant at least access to the following options:
    1. "Access to leads for your pages"
    2. "Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a page"

  8. Click on "Done."
  9. A modal window will appear to confirm that you have linked MailBlue to Facebook. Click on "OK."
  10. The configuration will take you back to your MailBlue account to link the forms. Click on "Add New Source."
  11. A modal window will appear:

    1. In the Account dropdown menu, choose the Lead ads account. Please note, this is the Facebook page you are linking to MailBlue.
    2. In the 'forms' dropdown menu, choose the Lead ads form you want to link.

      Please note: if you have multiple forms, you need to repeat this process for each form. You can only set one source per form.

    3. Tags will be generated as the forms are added and will be automatically parsed based on the form's name. You cannot further customise these tags.

  12. Click on "Continue."
  13. The next screen will display a list of information retrieved from the Lead ads object that is automatically created during this integration. Click on "Continue."
  14. You will then assign Lead ads fields to MailBlue fields.

    Please note: the email address field is required.
    To assign additional fields, click on the "Add Field" button.

  15. Once you have assigned all desired fields, click on "Finish."
  16. If you want to link additional forms, start the process of setting up sources again by clicking on "Add New Source" and follow steps 10-14 for each form.


How does the Facebook Lead Ads integration work

The Lead ad integration uses a webhook to send data to MailBlue each time a linked Lead ads form is submitted.

Once a Lead ads form is submitted:

  • Contact details are created and updated in MailBlue. You determine which contact details you want to collect during the integration setup.
  • The integration adds tags to the contact. The Lead ads form determines which tag the contact receives.
  • A Lead ads object appears alongside contact details for each contact synchronised through this integration. This object displays information about each submitted Lead ads form.
  • Three new automation triggers are available to create automated workflows when a contact submits a form.


Lead ads integration tags

This integration adds tags to contacts when they fill out the linked Lead ads form. This includes both the integration tag and tags containing the name of the completed Lead ads form.

Integration synchronisation tag

Each synchronised contact will receive the following integration tag: "facebook-leadads-integration."

Form tags

These tags are generated when you add them to the integration. They are automatically created based on the form's name. You cannot further customise these tags.

For example: If the name of your Lead ads account is "T-Shirt Emporium" and the name of your Lead ads form is "Autumn 2022 Merch," then the tag for a contact submitting this form would be "facebook-leadads-integration-T-Shirt_Emporium-Fall_2022_Merch."


Lead ads object in contact details

For each synchronised contact, a Lead ads object will appear on the record. This object displays important information from Lead ads when a contact fills out and submits the form.

Each record contains the following standard Lead ads fields:

  • Lead ad ID
  • Campaign name
  • Form name
  • Date of form submission
  • Form field (custom fields on the form that are assigned and filled in the fields section of the contact record)

Facebook Lead Ad Forms Custom Object in a Contact Record.png

Please note: It is not possible to edit these fields or field values in MailBlue.

Each record in the Lead ads object has a "Details" button. Clicking on this button expands the record and displays additional fields and information specific to the status and details of this document.


New automation start triggers

This integration comes with three automation start triggers. Lead ads start triggers can be found in the "Objects" section or at the bottom of the "View All" section of the modal automation window.

Lead ad tag added

  • Contacts are included in the automation when they receive the Lead ad tag specified by you.

Lead ads form created

  • Contacts are included in the automation when a new Lead ads record is created in the Lead ads object.
  • You can choose any Lead ads form synchronised with your MailBlue account for this start trigger.
  • You cannot use this start trigger in conjunction with other start triggers. You can only use one filter to segment this start trigger.

Lead ads form updated

  • Contacts are included in the automation when a field specified by you in the Lead ads object changes from one value to another.
  • You can choose any Lead ads form synchronised with your MailBlue account for this start trigger.
  • You cannot use this start trigger in conjunction with other start triggers. You can only use one filter to segment this start trigger.


Other ways to use Facebook ads in MailBlue

MailBlue offers multiple ways to connect with Facebook, along with automation recipes to get you started quickly. Learn below how to make the most of your Facebook ads with MailBlue:

  • In addition to Lead Ads, MailBlue offers an integration with Facebook Custom Audiences that you can set up within an automation to add and remove contacts from your Facebook Custom Audience.
  • To explore all the ways you can currently connect with Facebook, see How do I integrate with Facebook?
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