In detail: the MailBlue Email Designer

There are a total of 5 help articles about all the features you may encounter in the Email Designer within MailBlue.

You can find the Email Designer in MailBlue by creating a new campaign under 'Campaigns'. Then, give the campaign a name and select to which list(s) you want to send the campaign. Under 'Choose a template type', select 'Email Designer'.

If you prefer to watch a video on how to work with the MailBlue Email Designer, you can watch the video here.


Below you will find quick navigation:


Quick navigation

Help article 1: Menu bar

Help article 2: Lines and Layout

Help article 3: Content

Help article 4: Appearance

Help article 5: Mobile view


Do you have a question about the MailBlue Email Designer or a feature within the MailBlue Email Designer that is not covered in any of the articles? Then send an email to

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