The latest developments in segmentation

To continue improving your segmentation experience, we keep implementing updates within MailBlue. In this article, we discuss new enhancements that will take your segmentation experience to the next level.

Segmentation is the grouping of your contacts based on conditions or actions. The goal of segmentation is to bring more personalisation to your marketing. Our segmentation builder is a feature that truly sets MailBlue apart. In other platforms, the segmentation builder is located in one place and can only be accessed there. But in MailBlue, our segmentation builder is a floating feature that allows you to create segments from various places within the platform.


NEW: Select multiple tags within one condition to make room for more conditions

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You now have the ability to select multiple tags from a dropdown selection within one segment condition.

In addition to the options "tag is" and "tag is not", you will have some additional options to refine your tag segmentation. These options are:

  • Matches all
  • Matches at least one of the
  • Does not match any of the

This makes it easier to reach specific contacts through complex tag combinations.

Please note: Multiple selection is (still) not supported in conditional content.


NEW: Segmenting based on the 'contact details' condition

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You can now segment within MailBlue based on various contact details related to your different lists.

Under the new category "Contact details" in the segmentation builder, you can choose from a plethora of different contact details for enhanced targeting, exclusion, and list management.

Additionally, we have added extra conditions to the segmentation builder to refine your segmentation based on the contact details of contacts:

  • Is subscribed to the list (active)
  • Is not subscribed to the list (inactive)
  • Is unsubscribed from the list
  • Is unconfirmed in the list
  • Is (hard) bounced by the list
  • Is added to the list
  • Is not added to the list

These conditions can be combined with the options:

  • Any list
  • At least one list
  • All <multiple selection>
  • At least one of <multiple selection>


NEW: "Starts With" and "Does not start with" segmentation

Screen image 2023-10-19 at 12.09.36.png

This update enhances your segmentation in a simple and smart way. With the new "Starts with" and "Does not start with" options, you can make your segmentation of contacts, accounts, and deals even more precise based on specific criteria.

While the existing "Contains" option is valuable, the "Starts with" and "Does not start with" options bring more possibilities to your segmentation. By only looking at the beginning of a text field (without character limit), this process is faster and prevents random matches you might get with a "Contains" search.

For example, you can now search for all contacts whose first name starts with the letter A. It saves you time and ensures that your segmentation is more precise and better aligned with what you are looking for.


NEW: Email Activity Windows

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 12.26.24.jpg

When using the segmentation builder in MailBlue, you can use email activity conditions for campaigns and 1:1 emails, in combination with customisable windows. Conditions have now been expanded with activity windows for email conditions, including:

  • Has opened or Has not opened
  • Has been sent or Has not been sent
  • Has clicked on a link or Has not clicked on a link
  • Has replied or Has not replied

You can refine your search in combination with the email conditions in the following ways:

  • In the past + days, weeks, months, and years (e.g. In the past 25 days)
  • Between + exact date [selection], today, yesterday, number of days ago, number of weeks ago, and number of months ago (e.g. Between 01/01/2022 and Between 01/01/2023)
  • Ever

This article will be updated with future releases. If you have any questions about segmentation and the new features we have added, please send us an email at

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