How can I save and reuse campaign content?


With MailBlue, you can save content to reuse in your campaigns. This saves you time, reduces duplicate work, and ensures consistency in your messaging. For example, if you have a footer or a stylised button that you frequently use in your campaigns, you can save them to avoid having to recreate them for each new campaign.

This article explains how to save modules using the email designer.

With the Email Designer, you can save containers, structures, and sections in your 'Saved Modules' library. You can also edit, delete, and categorise the saved modules you create for easy searching.

In this article:

Saving a module

1. Find the campaign with the content you want to save and open it.
2. Navigate to the 'Design' menu.

2. Hover over the container, section, or structure in the email campaign designer that you want to save.
3. Then hover over the three dots icon. This will reveal multiple buttons.

4. Click on the 'Save as module' button, the rightmost icon.


5. The saved content will appear in the right panel under 'Modules'. Here you can: 

  • View and update the module name
  • View and update the module description

5. Add a tag to the module. Tags help you search for saved modules.


6. Click the 'Update' button when you're done.

Your content will be saved and will appear in the library of saved content in the right panel under 'Content' > 'Modules'.

You can drag this module into any campaign, as long as it was created with the email designer.

Editing content of saved modules

Once you have created a saved module, you can edit its content at any time. When you do this, you can choose to replace the original content with the new content or save the module as a new module.

1. Click on the saved module in the designer that you want to update.
2. Make the updates.
3. Hover over the three dots icon and click on the 'Save as module' button.

Deleting a saved module

Once you delete a saved module, you can no longer use it in your campaigns. Deleting a saved module does not remove it from draft campaigns that already use this module.

1. In the email designer, click on 'Content' > 'Module' in the right panel.
2. Click on the module you want to delete.
3. Click on the three dots icon and then click on the 'Delete' option.

The saved module has been removed from the saved content library.

Viewing a saved module

There are several different ways to view saved content in your library: tile and list. To do this:

1. From the campaign builder, click on 'Modules'.
2. Click on either option to view the saved modules.

You can display saved modules in an assigned category or tag. To do this:

1. From the campaign builder, click on 'Saved modules'.
2. Click on the filter option.
3. If you want to display by category, click on 'Category' and select the categories you want to view.
4. To view by tag, click on 'Tag' and select the tags you want to view.



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