How can I use a custom domain name (CNAME)?

Which subscription do I have?

You can hide your account URL ( with your own domain name by using a domain alias. This will change the URL you use to log in to your MailBlue account.

Step 1: Set up the CNAME

To use a custom domain name with MailBlue, you first need to set up a DNS record for a CNAME (Canonical Name) with your domain registrar or hosting provider.

For illustration purposes, we will use a Mijndomein account to add a CNAME. The instructions below are specific to Mijndomein, and your own hosting provider may have a different set of instructions.

  1. Log in via to your Mijndomein account using the registered email address and associated password
  2. In the left column, click on 'My products'
  3. Click on the arrow pointing down next to the domain name you use in MailBlue
  4. Then click on 'Manage' next to 'Domain name' in the dropdown menu
  5. Click on 'Set DNS' in the screen that appears
  6. You are now in the environment where you can add, modify, or delete DNS values
    1. To modify an existing CNAME, first check if the content of a CNAME already points to what you want to redirect to
    2. To add a new CNAME value, click on the green plus sign at the bottom of the overview of all DNS values

      2.1. Change the field under the 'Type' column to CNAME
      2.2. Change the field under the 'Name' column to the desired domain name. For example, if the site is '', you can enter 'newsletter' to create the URL ''.
      2.3. Change the field under the 'Content' column to your current account URL (
      2.4. Change the field under the 'TTL' column to 600
      2.5. Finally, at the bottom of the DNS values overview, click 'Save'

Attention: It may take up to 48 hours for changes to take effect. If your CNAME is not working immediately, it is likely that it has not been fully propagated yet


Step 2: Add the CNAME to your MailBlue account

Once completed, contact us via the request form on our website to let us know that you are requesting a custom domain name and have completed the above steps.

Once we receive your message, we will complete the rest of the setup for the custom domain name on your behalf.


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