How can I opt-in my contacts during check-out?

When someone makes one or more purchases on your website, you naturally want to send follow-up emails to these contacts right away. However, it's important to remember that a purchase does not count as a valid opt-in, meaning these contacts have not explicitly given permission to receive your mailings. At this point, the only clear thing is their interest in your product(s).

You can easily solve this by using the deep data opt-in, which means you can add an 'Opt-in Checkbox' at the point of purchasing a product. When contacts check this box, you can set up automation to subscribe these contacts to a list.

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How do I activate the Opt-in Checkbox?

  1. Open your WordPress environment
  2. Navigate through the left menu to the 'ActiveCampaign' plugin:

  3. Go to 'Settings':

  4. Scroll down until you reach 'Opt-in Checkbox':

Here, you can set the following:

  • Text displayed next to the checkbox (e.g., “Keep me updated on news and exclusive offers”)
  • Visibility of the checkbox
    • Visible, checked by default
    • Visible, not checked by default
    • Not visible

How do I use the Opt-in Checkbox within an automation?

Setting up the corresponding automation is fortunately quite straightforward. Below is a guideline for setting up such an automation.

  1. Set the start trigger to 'Makes a purchase':

  2. Add an If/Else step with the condition 'Has opted in for marketing' and select the correct e-commerce integration:

    Note: The condition 'Has opted in for marketing' is found under the 'E-commerce' category.

  3. In the 'Yes' path, add a step to subscribe contacts to the desired list.
  4. In the 'No' path, add a step where the automation ends.

Your Deep Data Opt-in automation should now look something like this: 


Note: For clarity, we recommend keeping this automation separate from any potential follow-up/upsell automations. The functionality of this automation is solely to subscribe contacts to a list after they have checked the Opt-in Checkbox.

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