How do I opt-in contacts I have collected offline?

Our software requires that all contacts on your contact list have been added via opt-in/the correct manner. This policy is enforced in this way to:

  • Reduce the number of bouncers;
  • Prevent abuse;
  • Keep our servers off blacklists;
  • And provide our customers with an excellent delivery guarantee.

Are my offline contacts considered opt-ins?

If you collect email addresses offline through a clear form indicating that people are subscribing to the email list, then these contacts are considered opt-ins. You are then free to add the email addresses to your account and send them emails.

If you have collected email addresses, for example, at an event via business cards, contests, or written forms that do not request permission to send newsletters/campaign emails or other physical means, the acquisition of these contacts is not considered opt-in. You cannot email these contacts from your MailBlue account.

How do I opt-in contacts I have collected offline?

To have contacts you have collected offline opt-in, we recommend emailing the contacts individually from your personal email address. This email should inform contacts about your company, product, or service and thank them for their interest.

In this email, you can add a link to a registration form or, even better, to your website where this form can be found. On the website, additional information can be found about your company's products and services. This additional information can be crucial for someone deciding to sign up for the newsletter and further email communication.

In terms of timing, we recommend emailing the contacts shortly after receiving their contact information with the personally crafted email. The advantage is that you are likely still fresh in the memory of these individuals. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that they will not respond to the personal email and ultimately not opt-in.

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