How do I create segments?

In this article, you will learn more about creating segments in various places within your account.

Segmenting your contacts is useful because it allows you to send targeted campaigns to subgroups in your list. This way, you can tailor your messages to specific interests.

By targeting as specifically as possible, your contacts will only receive messages that are truly relevant to them. This increases the likelihood that they will read the campaign, click on it, and possibly make a purchase.

You can create segments at different times/places within your account.

Creating a segment with advanced search in contacts

Click on 'Contacts' in the menu. In the top right, you will find a search bar with 'Search contacts' in it. By clicking here, the 'Advanced search' option will expand and be displayed. After selecting this option, you will be able to create segments.

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Here you can choose the conditions for your segment. If you add multiple conditions, you will see the 'AND/OR' option. By selecting 'AND', you make the segment even more specific, resulting in fewer contacts falling under it. With the 'OR' option, you broaden the segment, bringing more contacts up during your search.

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Click 'Search' once you have entered the conditions. The contacts that meet these conditions will then be displayed. If you click on the search field 'Search contacts' again, two options will be displayed. Choose 'Save as segment' here.

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After this, a new screen will open where you can name the segment. Make sure to choose a good, descriptive name so that you can easily recognise the contacts being segmented. Then click 'Save'.

The segment will then also appear in the segment overview, visible when selecting a list for a campaign.

Creating a segment while creating a campaign

Start by creating a new campaign.

When selecting the list, choose the list to which you want to send the campaign. Once you have ticked the checkbox, you will see the option 'Select Segment'. Clicking here will display a new option at the bottom of your lists. Click on 'Create new segment' here.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 11.36.29.png
You can then create a new segment. Once again, remember to choose a good, descriptive name. Then click '(Select a condition)'.

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You can then choose the conditions for your segment. Once you have entered these, click 'Done'. The segment you have created will then be automatically selected.

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