How do I switch from ActiveCampaign to MailBlue?

Do you already have an account with ActiveCampaign and would you like to switch to MailBlue? You can! MailBlue is the Dutch partner of ActiveCampaign. This article contains all the information to transfer the account to MailBlue.

How can I transfer the account?

When transferring the account, all data will be automatically transferred to MailBlue. During the switch, no data will be lost because MailBlue uses the same software as ActiveCampaign.

You will never pay double subscription fees. Only when the subscription is renewed, you will pay the subscription fees to us instead of ActiveCampaign.

To transfer your account from ActiveCampaign to MailBlue, please click the button below and submit the form.


Once we receive the completed form, we will send an email to you and ActiveCampaign to approve the transfer.


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