What can I do if importing my contacts has failed?

Below you will find an overview of the causes that can prevent your CSV file from fully uploading contacts to your MailBlue account. We provide you with the tools to resolve the error and prevent it from happening in future uploads:

  1. The CSV file was not UTF-8 encoded. When the file is not UTF-8 encoded, it is not possible to import the contacts. This can happen when an XLS file is saved as a CSV file. By using Google Sheets and exporting it as a CSV file, you can ensure that the file is UTF-8 encoded.
  1. The file is too large or has too many custom fields. Large fields or too many custom (extra) fields can cause the contact import to fail. We recommend splitting the file into multiple (small) files. Also, remove any unnecessary fields from these files.
  1. Contacts do not have an email address. Contacts must have a valid email address. If this is missing or if an email address is misspelled, the respective contact will be skipped during the import. Also, check these contacts to ensure the email address is spelled correctly.
  1. Contacts are on an exclusion list (exclusion list). If a contact has been previously added to the exclusion list, they will be automatically skipped during the import. An exclusion list is a list of contacts that you have indicated you want to exclude from your campaigns and automations. Contacts on the exclusion list can be manually transferred to the contact list you have in mind.
  1. Contacts have bounced in the past, unsubscribed (unsubscribers), or are already in the respective contact list. If it is known that contacts have bounced, unsubscribed in the past, or are already in the respective list, they will be skipped during the import.
  1. The CSV file contains special characters. Special characters are included, but there are restrictions specifically for the apostrophe (‘) and the backslash (\). If these characters appear in your file, make sure the field is entered with double quotation marks. For example, if a contact has the last name O’Conner, it should be displayed in your CSV file as “O’Conner”.
  1. The CSV file contains more contacts than your account allows. To still be able to import the CSV file, you will first need to upgrade your MailBlue account. You can easily upgrade your account via your personal portal. Read here how.
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