Can I customize the unsubscribe form?

When contacts unsubscribe from a list, they will see a standard unsubscribe form. Although with some limitations, you can customise this form to your liking. Learn how to do this and what the possibilities are in this help article.

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How do I customise the unsubscribe form?

  1. Go to 'Contacts' in the main menu on your account and then click on the 'Lists' subtab.
  2. Click on the arrow next to 'Import contacts' to open the dropdown menu.
  3. Choose 'Advanced settings'.


  4. Go to the 'Public pages' tab.
  5. Click on 'Edit' next to 'Unsubscribe'.
  6. In this environment, you can customise the unsubscribe form.


What are the possibilities?


Once you arrive at the settings of the unsubscribe form, you will see the following page:

Here you have several options to customise the appearance of your unsubscribe form. Using the buttons in the toolbar on the left, you can do the following:

  • Add a heading
  • Add an image
  • Add a text box, which you can then customise using HTML
  • Customise the style of the entire unsubscribe form by choosing from several options

You can also change different elements such as the heading by hovering over the respective field with your mouse and clicking on 'edit'.

Please note: unfortunately, it is not possible to customise the unsubscribe choices. These are pre-selected options and cannot be changed.

Redirect to URL

By using the 'Redirect to URL' button, you can choose to redirect to an external URL, so you can display a page from your own website when contacts unsubscribe. The contact will always be unsubscribed immediately when the unsubscribe link is clicked, so redirecting to a URL will not affect this.

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