What happens to contacts who unsubscribe?

Contacts who unsubscribe from your email communications will remain visible within the MailBlue account. These individuals will be marked as inactive contacts. You can manually remove them after some time, but you will also lose the data associated with these contacts. This includes contact information, as well as the history of when they opened which emails and interacted with the emails you sent.

If a contact is in an automation and unsubscribes, you will still see the contact in the automation. The contact will go through all the steps of the automation, but no emails will be sent.


How do I re-subscribe my contacts?

If a contact has unsubscribed from a list but wishes to be added back to the list, you need to reactivate this list first.

  1. Go to contacts and find the relevant contact.

  2. Scroll to this contact's lists and click on the list from which the contact unsubscribed.

    Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 16.03.59.png

  3. Then, change the status from 'Unsubscribed' to 'Subscribed'.
    Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 16.04.19.png
    The contact is now back on the list and will start receiving emails again.
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