How can I request a report on the campaigns I have created?

Within MailBlue, you can request reports for your sent campaigns. This allows you to view the results of your campaigns and assess whether your current approach is helping you achieve your goals or if there is room for improvement.

On the left side of the menu, you will find the section 'Reports'. Here you can view a report for each created campaign. Click on a campaign to request the data.


At the top, you will find a graph where you can see the 'open trend'. This indicates the moments when the campaign was most opened (1).

At the bottom left, the activity flow is displayed, showing what happens with your campaign (2).

Next to this, you will see a percentage breakdown of the number of opened emails, clicks, forwarded emails, and bounces (3). By clicking on these actions, you can also view a summary listing which contacts are involved in the actions.

At the very bottom right, the number of customers who have and have not opened the campaign is shown (4).

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