How do I add fields, checkboxes, and tick boxes to a form?

It is possible to customise forms within MailBlue according to your preferences. You can use different types of fields. In this article, we will show you how to easily add extra fields, checkboxes, and tick boxes to your form through a step-by-step guide.

  1. When logged into MailBlue, click on 'Website' in the left sidebar.
  2. Next, click on 'Forms'.

    If you want to add a field to an existing form, click on that specific form.
    If you want to create a new form, click on the blue button in the top right 'Create a form'.

    You will then be directed to the following page:Screenshot_2021-06-09_at_09.43.35.png

  3. In this example, we want to include a phone number field. Click on this field and drag it to the desired location within your form.

  4. It is also possible to create a custom field. This is referred to as a custom field. Click on the plus sign next to 'Custom Fields' at the bottom right to add your own/custom field. 

  5. A new window will open. In this window, you can select and add a desired new field. To do this, expand the menu under 'Field Type' by clicking on it. In this example, we choose 'Checkbox'. By scrolling in the expanded menu, you will see more options, including 'Checkbox'. 

  6. Fill in the desired name and options in the window that opens. Then click on the blue 'Add' button. 

  7. Once you have added this field, return to the form. To add the newly created custom field, you can search for the respective field under 'Custom Fields'.
  8. The form will now look like this:

  9. It is also possible to make certain fields required to be checked/filled in. To do this, select the item you want to edit within your form. Then click on the field in the grey menu that you want to make mandatory or choose 'All' to make all possible fields within your checkbox mandatory. 

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