How can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

It may happen that you want to upgrade or downgrade your account. Follow the steps below to upgrade or downgrade your account correctly.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your (portal) details here
  3. On the dashboard, you will see your current subscription, the costs, and your contact limit on the right side. Here you can click on 'Upgrade'
  4. Or click on 'Subscriptions' in the menu and then click on 'Upgrade'
  5. Choose the desired number of contacts and subscription type, then click on 'upgrade/downgrade'
  6. The remaining amount for your current subscription period will be calculated. You will pay the full amount starting from the next renewal
  7. By agreeing, you authorise the collection / invoicing of the amount
  8. Your upgrade will be applied almost immediately to your account. If necessary, refresh the page to see the new subscription in your dashboard

Watch the video below on how to upgrade or downgrade your subscription:

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