How do I create a form?

With a form, you can collect contacts and place them on lists. Depending on the fields you use, you can gather information about your contacts, such as name and email address or special interests.

Once you have created a form, you can integrate it into your website in multiple ways. For example, with a link or by embedding the form directly. When visitors fill in and submit your form, they will be added to your contacts.

This article explains how to create a form. If you prefer to watch a video on creating a form, it is also available in our help environment.
Please note: since 5th November 2020, you will find 'Forms' under the 'Website' section (see step 1 below).

1. Click on 'Website' on the left side of the menu, then select 'Forms'.


2. Click on 'Create a form' in the top right corner.


3. A new window will appear where you can give the form a name and choose a style. Within the Lite subscription, it is only possible to choose an 'Inline form'. If you manage a higher subscription type, more options are available.

Under the form type, choose the action, for example, 'Subscribe to a list' and then specify to which list contacts will be added. It is also possible to choose, for example, 'Add a tag'. Then click on 'Create'.


4. Under the 'Fields' tab, you can drag fields into your form. If you want to add a custom field, click on the plus sign next to 'Custom fields'.

5. To make a field mandatory, click on the field in the form. A checkbox with 'Required' will appear on the right side of the bar. If you select this, an * will appear after the field, indicating that the field must be filled in or checked.

6. Under the 'Style' tab, you will find all the options to edit the style of your form. You can adjust the layout of the form here.

7. Under the 'Options' tab, you can add actions. Here you can, for example, specify that you want to immediately add all contacts who sign up to a specific list. You can also assign a tag, create a deal (only for Plus, Professional packages), or have the results emailed to yourself. You can also add multiple actions at once. In this window, you can also set up the single or double opt-in or set up a thank you message.

8. When you have finished editing, click on 'Integrate' in the top right corner of the screen. The next page will show you various options for publishing the form. Once you have finished integrating and editing your form, click on 'Save and close' to keep your changes.


If you are using a DIVI form and want to connect it to MailBlue, read more about DIVI forms in our other help article.

If you have a Squarespace website and want to integrate a MailBlue form there, find more information in our article on Squarespace websites.

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