How can I track a specific contact in an automation?

The path of your contacts within an automation clearly shows which steps they have already taken and can help you identify issues with your automation.

The path shows the following:

  1. How and when a contact entered the automation

  2. When a contact reached a specific step in an automation

  3. Which direction a contact followed in an 'if/else' action

  4. Why a contact did not receive an email

 In this article, we will show you the steps to view the contact's path:

  1. Click on a contact to open their profile. Then click on the name of the automation you want to view.


  2. Next, a screen will open where you can view the status, when a contact started the automation, and how far along they are in the automation. Click on 'Show' to view the contact's path.


  3. On the next page, you can view the path. It indicates which steps have been completed and how the contact started the automation. If you see a red cross next to a particular step, it means the contact skipped or did not complete that step. Hovering over the cross with your mouse will display the reason why that step was skipped.

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