What campaign types can I choose from?

When creating a new campaign in MailBlue, you will be asked which type of campaign you want to use. You have the choice between 'Standard', 'Autoresponders', 'Split testing', 'RSS triggered', and 'Date-based'.

In this article, you will learn about the different campaign types and how to use them.

campaign types.png


This campaign can be sent directly to your contacts or scheduled for a later time. You can send the campaign to your list (or multiple lists) or to a segment of it. The standard campaign is suitable for sending a newsletter or informing your contacts about a sale.


This campaign sends a message immediately after someone is added to your list. This type of campaign is suitable for sending a welcome email to your new contacts.

Split testing

With this option, you can send multiple versions of your campaign to parts of your list to see which version gets the most opens and clicks. For example, you can test which offer your contacts respond to best.

RSS triggered

This campaign is sent when your RSS feed is updated. This type is suitable for informing your blog readers about a new post.


This campaign is sent when the current date matches a date field of your contacts. This means that it is sent at a different time for each contact. This type of campaign is, for example, suitable for sending your contacts a birthday email.

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