How do I add a form to an email?

Integrating the HTML code of a form into an email is not recommended. It can trigger spam filters, the JavaScript code is often not properly read in emails, causing the form to not work, and the CSS is also often not displayed correctly.

A good way to still add a form is by placing a link in your emails that directs to the page with the form. This prevents your email from ending up in spam and allows you to track clicks and page visits. We explain how to do this step by step in this article.

How to add a link to your form in your email:

  1. Click on 'Website' in the main menu and then on the 'Forms' tab.

  2. You can choose 'Integrate' here via the dropdown menu, or directly from the form itself (see next step).

  3. If you are already within the form, you can also click on 'Integrate' here.

  4. Click on the 'Link' tab.

  5. Copy the link and click on 'Save and close'.

  6. Go to the email you want to send (under 'Campaigns' or 'Automations') and click on 'Edit'.

  7. If you want to place the link to the form behind a button, click on the respective button and then enter the link in the designated field.

  8. If you want to place the link to the form behind a piece of text, select the desired text. Then, navigate to the "link" icon in the toolbar, and perform the same action as in the previous step.

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