How do I change the default footer?

All campaign and automation emails must have a footer that includes the physical (company) address along with an unsubscribe link. The MailBlue email marketing software automatically adds this footer to your emails.

If you prefer to create your own footer that better matches the style of your email, you can do so by adding two personalisation tags to your email:

  1. A personalisation tag to add your physical address
  2. A personalisation tag to add an unsubscribe link

Please note: if these two tags are not added, the standard MailBlue footer will automatically appear, or your campaign may be put 'on hold' for review . By adding an unsubscribe and an address tag to your email, the standard footer will disappear immediately.

Replacing the standard footer

You can easily add the above tags to your campaign or automation email by clicking on the 'Merge tags' button, which appears when you select a text box. You can find the tags you need under the 'Message' heading.



You can also manually add the tags at the bottom of your email by typing the following personalisation tags in a text block:

Unsubscribe link = %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%
Unsubscribe link all lists = %UNSUBSCRIBELINK&ALL

(one of the two is sufficient)

Address on multiple lines = %SENDER-INFO%
Address on one line = %SENDER-INFO-SINGLELINE%

(one of the two is sufficient)

However, when you add a personalisation tag separately to your email, it will appear as a long and cumbersome link in your contacts' mailbox. You can solve this by placing this personalisation tag after a piece of text.

Let's take the unsubscribe link as an example. Suppose you have the following in your own footer: “Do you no longer wish to receive these emails? Click here”

Highlight the word 'here' with your cursor. Then, next to the 'Merge tags' button, a hyperlink button will become available:


Once you click here, you will have the option to place a link after this piece of text. Normally, you would enter a URL in the toolbar on the right side of your screen, but in this case, you can enter the personalisation tag for the unsubscribe link. Even if you have now placed the personalisation tag for the unsubscribe link after a piece of text as a hyperlink, the standard MailBlue footer will automatically be removed.

Please note: You do not need to follow this process for the address line. It will be neatly displayed where you have placed the personalisation tag for the address line.

Double footer

You can also apply the above steps in the case of a double footer. As long as there is a personalisation tag for the unsubscribe link and the physical address in your campaign, the original footer will automatically disappear.

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