How do I test my automation?

When you have created an automation, you naturally want to test it before putting it into active use. To make this process easier, it is possible to skip wait steps. This allows you to continue testing without having to wait for the (time) conditions to be met.

How can I test my automation?

  1. Click on 'Contacts' on the left side of the menu and select the contact you want to test the automation with. Here you can manually add the contact to the automation. Click on 'Add' next to the 'Automations' heading.


  2. Select the automation and click 'OK'.


  3. You will now see the automation listed under the contact. Click on the automation to which you added the contact. A pop-up will appear showing you how far the contact is in the automation. Click on 'Show' to view the contact's path.


  4. You will then see exactly where the contact is in the automation. By clicking on 'Skip this wait action' below the avatar, the wait step will be skipped. The contact will then continue in the automation.


You can now review each step in the automation to ensure that all conditions and actions are set correctly and that the automation is running as desired.

Useful to know

  1. Skipping a step can be used for all types of wait actions, including goals and (wait) conditions.

  2. The skipped step will not be displayed as 'Skipped' in the activity feed.

  3. You cannot undo a skipped step. In that case, it is best to place the contact back into the automation.


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