What can I do with Attributes?

'Attributions' is available in the Professional subscription.

'Attributions' is a feature that allows you to measure conversions and touchpoints. In other words, you can determine whether your marketing activities have influenced your contacts in achieving the goals you have set. This article explains the insights this provides.

What are conversions?

A conversion means achieving a goal. An action that you want your contacts to take, one that is important for your business. This could be, for example, visiting your key webpage, converting an anonymous visitor into a contact, or clicking on a download link in your campaign.

You can assign a value to conversions. For example, if you know that 1 out of 10 contacts who sign up for your newsletter eventually spend 200 euros, you can assign a value of 20 euros to a "newsletter sign-up" conversion.

What are touchpoints?

Touchpoints are your traffic sources, how your customers find your website. It is a combination of paid traffic sources (such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads) and organic traffic sources (such as product reviews on external sites or social media posts).

It is useful to know where your contacts are coming from. This way, you can determine where your best contacts are coming from and act accordingly.

What does 'Attributions' do?

With 'Attributions', you can see which touchpoints (traffic sources) have influenced your contacts in achieving conversions.

In the contact overview, the attribution feature shows a list of conversions achieved by the contact and which touchpoints helped with them.

The feature also adds the conversions to the segment builder. You can easily search for contacts who have or have not achieved a conversion.


You can also segment based on touchpoints. This allows you to search for contacts who have visited your page based on a specific traffic source, such as a specific advertisement.


Because you can segment based on conversions and touchpoints, you can now personalise automations based on the touchpoints your contacts have engaged with.

'Attributions' also provides a new trigger to start automations. With the 'Conversion occurs' trigger, you can start an automation as soon as a contact achieves a specific conversion.


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