What are tags?

Tags provide essential contact information quickly and easily. Contacts cannot see the tags applied to them, as tags are only displayed in internal contact records. You can segment and target contacts with tags.

Overall, tags help you stay organised or trigger an action; sometimes they do both. In MailBlue, there are three key functions of tags, which we will briefly explain in this article:

  1. Organising

  2. Start triggers

  3. Segmenting



You can filter your database based on tags and also see which tags are assigned to each contact. This gives you a brief overview of the contact's lifecycle within your system. You don't have to scroll through the 'Recent activities' stream to find important information about your contacts.

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Start triggers

Adding or removing a tag can be used as a start trigger in your automations.



Tags are one of the many conditions you can use for segmentation. You can specifically search for a group of contacts based on a tag they have or don't have. This can also be used to create conditional content blocks (dynamic content). For example, make a certain part of your campaign visible only to contacts with a specific tag.



How can you add tags to your contacts?

You can add tags to your contacts in the following ways:

  • You can manually add tags to individuals in the personal contact overview
  • You can add tags to contacts through a bulk action
  • You can also tag your contacts automatically. Assigning or removing a tag is an action you can add to your automation.
  • You can also automatically assign a tag when someone clicks on a link. For example, if you add a link to a campaign, you can specify this.

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Furthermore, you can immediately assign a tag to contacts when they sign up via a form. You can do this by selecting 'Option' and then choosing the form action 'Add a tag'.

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