How can I let contacts make a choice in a form and assign them a tag based on that choice?

In this article, we will explain how to assign tags to contacts based on the choices they make in your form.

It is possible to create checkboxes within a form. When a contact fills out the form, their choice will be displayed in the field under contact details.

If you want contacts to receive a tag based on the choice(s) in the checkbox, you need to create an automation for this. In our example, we have created the field 'Interests' with the following choices in the checkbox: Travel, Photography, and Dogs.


Next, you will build an automation that aligns with the choices from the checkbox. In our example, it involves the form 'Interests'.

  1. Choose the start trigger 'Contact submits form Interests'

  2. Add a new action and go to 'Conditions and Workflow'. Then choose an if/else step and select the modified contact field as the condition:



For the no path, repeat the same steps as described above and choose the next choice from the checkbox:



Please note: Because the condition is 'Is Photography', you need to pay attention to details such as case sensitivity, and 'Photography' must match exactly. A safer option in some cases is 'Contains Photography'.


Once you have completed the no paths, you can proceed with the yes paths and add tags. To do this, add a new action, click on 'Contacts', and then choose 'Add a tag'.


Do this for all yes paths and then choose the tag that corresponds to the respective interest.

In order to assign tags to all interests of your contacts, you need to add a 'Go to another action' step below the tags. Add a new action and select 'Conditions and Workflow', then choose the action 'Go to':


A green dot will appear. This allows you to guide the contact to another point in the automation so you don't have to build unnecessarily further. In this case, drag the button to the second if/else step. Repeat this process in the same way for the other choices.





Once you have completed all the steps, the automation will look like this:


When a contact fills out the form and indicates their interests, you will see this reflected in the field created for that purpose. In this example, it is 'Interests 3':

This way you can tag your contacts based on what they have checked in your form.

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