How can I test website tracking?

With (web)site tracking, you can track the sign-ups to your mailing list completely on your website. This way, you can see which pages someone visits and what a contact is interested in. Here you can read how to set up (web)site tracking. Once this is set up, you can start testing.

(Web)site tracking is only activated for a contact when he/she:

  1. Subscribes via a MailBlue form.

  2. Clicks on a link in one of your emails.

So, if someone subscribes via an API-connected form, site tracking is not activated.

How can I test if (web)site tracking is working?

  1. Subscribe via your MailBlue form OR send yourself an email with a link to your website (not a test email).

  2. Visit a page on your website where you have site tracking set up, optionally click on a few tabs.

  3. Check in MailBlue under 'Recent activities' if this page appears for the contact.


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