How to connect Leadpages to MailBlue?

In order to connect Leadpages to MailBlue, you need a MailBlue account and a Leadpages account. There are 2 ways to integrate MailBlue with Leadpages:

1. Send your leads to MailBlue when they submit their information on a Leadpage

2. Embed your MailBlue form code into your Leadpage


Send your Leads to MailBlue

This integration is made possible by Leadpages, and leads are forwarded to a MailBlue form, adopting your MailBlue form settings (list subscription, adding tags, enabling single opt-in, etc.). You can consider this as masking your MailBlue form with a Leadpages design. You can select which fields from your form appear on your Leadpage and hide them if you wish.

When a lead then leaves their information on your Leadpage, the data will appear in MailBlue as if they had filled out a MailBlue form.


  • You can use Leadpages analytics
  • You can use the start trigger: 'fills out a form'


Follow these steps to set up the integration:

1. Create a form in MailBlue and add the desired fields. You can only select fields from your MailBlue form to add to Leadpages.

2. Integrate the systems in Leadpages (2 different places). Here you can find the Leadpages guide.

In this article, you can read where to find the API data in MailBlue.

3. After adding the API data to Leadpages, go to your Leadpage and click on Call-to-action to edit the form settings.

4. Go to the integrations tab and click on 'Add an integration', then choose 'where you want the form data to go' for ActiveCampaign*. Next, click on 'Next - Fields'.


5. To add fields from a MailBlue form to your Leadpage, click on 'Add a field' and then on 'Done'.


6. Click on 'Update' in the top right corner to integrate the MailBlue form into your Leadpage. 


*MailBlue is a partner of ActiveCampaign and we use its technology. When making connections, keep in mind that MailBlue and ActiveCampaign are the same, and you may need to choose the 'ActiveCampaign' option. 


Embed your MailBlue form code into your Leadpage

With this option, you first need to create a MailBlue form and ensure you add the desired fields and actions. Then, copy the simple embed code generated in MailBlue and paste it into an HTML box that you can drag onto your Leadpage. By pasting a MailBlue form code into your Leadpage, you cannot use the form design of Leadpages and it is not possible to hide fields in Leadpages. You can format the form in MailBlue and optionally add hidden fields to the form there.

When a lead then leaves their information on your Leadpage, this will be visible in MailBlue as if a MailBlue form had been submitted.

In this case, you do not need to add your MailBlue API data to Leadpages for the connection to work.


  • You can use the start trigger 'fills out a form'
  • You can use site tracking


  • You cannot use Leadpages Analytics

Follow these steps to set up the integration:

1. Create a form in MailBlue with the desired fields

2. Click on 'integrate' in the top right to copy the form code


3. Copy the simple embed code and click on save and close


4. Log in to your Leadpages account and go to the Leadpage where you want to add the MailBlue form

5. Click where you want the form to appear and drag the HTML widget to that location


6. Paste the simple embed code from MailBlue into the HTML block and click 'save'


Your MailBlue form will now be displayed on your Leadpage


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