What is response tracking?

In this article, you will learn what answer tracking is, how to activate it, and what consequences it has for your campaigns and automation emails.

With answer tracking, you can monitor the responses of contacts to your campaigns or automation emails. These insights can be used to segment contacts, send targeted emails, and trigger automations.

Answer tracking is turned off by default for all emails that are created, but you can enable it in the 'Summary' of your campaigns or automation emails. To do this, slide the toggle to 'ON' for answer tracking, as shown in the image below. 


Keep in mind that when you turn on answer tracking, your reply email address will look different (your sending email address remains the same). This is necessary for the system to register the responses to your emails.

An example of a reply address:  reply-accountname.activehosted.6.16.28@s15.avl3.acemsrvc.com

You can view the responses in the 'Recent activities' of contacts or through 'Reports'.

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