Why does my reply-to and/or sender address look different?

In this article, we explain why your reply and/or sender address may look strange and/or different from what you have set.

We will go through the following causes:

DNS settings

It may happen that your contacts see a different sender email address than the one you have set. If this is the case, it is often a result of the DNS settings. You can resolve this by linking your domain and setting the correct DNS records. See also: How do I link my sending domain to MailBlue? (DNS)

Reply tracking

Additionally, your reply email address may be displayed as, for example: reply-accountname.activehosted.6.16.28@s15.avl3.acemsrvc.com

This is because you have reply tracking enabled. A personalised reply email address, as shown above, is necessary to be able to read the replies to your emails in MailBlue. Since this is linked to your MailBlue account, it is not possible to change it. If you do not want a similar address to be visible, you can disable reply tracking. For more information on reply tracking, read this article.

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