How do I create an abandoned cart automation?

This article provides more information on setting up an abandoned shopping cart for a Lite subscription.

If you have a Plus or Professional subscription, you can use Deep Data integration and set up the abandoned shopping cart automation.

If you have a Lite subscription and still want to set this up, you can do so. However, the options are less extensive than with Deep Data integration.

Because in this automation - for a contact known within MailBlue - it will measure which pages this contact visits on your website, it is important for the correct functioning of this automation that you have set up website tracking.

To create an abandoned shopping cart automation without Deep Data integration, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to 'Automations' in the main menu of MailBlue and choose 'Create an automated series'. Here you then choose 'Start from scratch' and click on 'Continue'.


  2. Next, choose 'Webpage is visited'.


  3. In the next screen, you can enter the general URL of your website in the shopping cart environment. It is recommended to set the 'Runs:' to 'Multiple times', so that the same contact can go through this automation again in case of a subsequent order and receive a reminder that something is still in their shopping cart.


  4. Then add a waiting step. It is recommended to wait at least one hour. Someone visiting this page should not receive an email immediately, but should first have time to complete the order. Click on the checkbox for 'Wait for a certain time'.


    And choose the duration:


  5. After this hour, you will then check if someone has completed the payment. Depending on which payment system/plugin you use on your website, you can have a contact receive a tag after payment from this payment system (often via Zapier) that is also visible within MailBlue.

    If you have set the tag given here to be 'Paid', for example, you can then have the software check after an hour whether the payment has been completed by splitting the automation to see if this contact has received this tag at that time or not. For this, you can use the if/else action:


    Then choose the condition on which to split. Through 'Contact details' in the options you see, you can choose 'Tag' from the drop-down:


    After choosing 'Tag', next to the field 'is' you can choose the relevant tag that someone receives after a payment. This tag can only be selected from the options if you have first set up the link between a payment and assigning a tag:


  6. Now there will be an automatic split in your automation. For contacts who have paid, you obviously do not send a reminder that they have left something in the shopping cart. You can end the yes-path for them by clicking on the plus sign under the yes-path and choosing 'End this automated series':


  7. The people who did not receive the tag not after an hour have not completed the payment yet. Therefore, you want to send an email to the no-path reminding them that they left something in their shopping cart. Click on the plus sign below the no-path and choose 'Send an email'.


    You can then give your email a name (for yourself) and choose a template. After that, you can compose your email with your own text and place a button, for example, named 'Go to my shopping cart'. Below this button, place the link to your general shopping cart URL. If a contact clicks on this link on the same device they used to add products to the shopping cart, they will see what they left in the shopping cart there.

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