How do I create an automation to assign tags based on interests?

By tracking the pages your contacts visit on your website, you can assess their interests. With this information, you can tailor your emails more effectively, making your emails more relevant. This increases the likelihood that your contacts will read the email and take action.

Please note: Generally, we strongly advise against making adjustments to an active automation. This can lead to unexpected errors. Therefore, always set the automation to 'Inactive' before making any changes!

You can assign a tag with an automation when a contact visits a specific page or section of your website multiple times. To do this, you need to place website tracking on your website. With these tags, you can then segment or use them to personalise your emails through dynamic content. You can also start a follow-up automation based on these interests. For example, if a contact has viewed the same product page multiple times, you can provide additional information about this product or offer a discount code in the follow-up automation to encourage them to make a purchase.

MailBlue already has a standard automation that you can use (when creating a new automation, you will find a number of templates, including 'Product Interest Tagging Part 1'):


If they have visited the product page you specified two to five times, they will be tagged as 'Interested in Product X'. If a contact visits the product page 6 times or more, they will be tagged as 'Very Interested in Product X'.

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