What is my deletion limit?

The contact deletion limit is the number of contacts you can delete from the account within a month. For all paid accounts, the deletion limit is around the contact limit.

If you have a monthly subscription, the deletion limit is reset around the first day of the monthly payment.

If you have an annual subscription, the deletion limit is reset on the same day of the month as the annual payment. For example, if the annual billing starts on March 15th, the monthly deletion limit is reset every month on March 15th.

You may encounter the deletion limit in the following situations:

  • If you delete contacts one by one
  • Through the engagement management tool
  • If you delete contacts via batch actions
  • If you delete contacts in bulk from the contact overview page or the lists page.

If you have reached the deletion limit and need to delete more contacts from the account, you can create a support ticket with the following information:

  • Account name. For example: 'myaccount.activehosted.com'
  • The reason for deleting contacts

The reason will be reviewed, and we will send a message once the contacts can be deleted.

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