Can I use my existing contact list in MailBlue?

The table below will help you determine whether you can use an existing contact list with data in our email marketing software:

Example Can I use my list? Explanation
I have purchased a list of high-quality opt-in contacts No

No. We do not allow any form of paid or rented lists. It doesn't matter if the seller claimed it was opt-in, or how much you spent on the list. Paid lists are not allowed in any form.

I have a sign-up form on my website where users can subscribe Yes Yes. This is a great way to build a list and a completely legitimate way to do so. If you have a list of contacts who have filled out a form and verified their subscription, you can import them into our software. We do not require additional verification when you import, as we trust that you have done this.
I am switching from another email marketing service provider Yes Yes. If you are moving from another provider, you can import a list. Of course, you still need to ensure that the list was opt-in and complies with our terms and conditions.
I have set up a computer or mobile device at a trade show (or another event) where people can subscribe to updates Yes Yes. This is allowed and is a good way to build a list and ensure that the contacts are fully verified. You can set up a computer, iPad, or any mobile device displaying the (subscription) form. When people enter their information, they can start the signup process, allowing you to guarantee a high-quality list.
I have collected business cards at a trade show No No. If you have collected business cards at a trade show, it is probably fine to contact them, but they have not given you permission to add them to a mailing list that you will email over time. We recommend contacting these contacts through your regular email client rather than an email marketing service. In this email, you can mention the newsletter and include a link to the sign-up form. They can then choose whether they wish to receive emails in the future.
I have a list of customers who have purchased a product or service from my company Maybe Maybe. You can send an email to previous customers who have made a purchase, as long as their last purchase was within the last 12 months. If it has been longer, they may not expect the email and may not remember the purchase.
I collect business cards in my restaurant or store Maybe Maybe. If you clearly state that by submitting their business card they will receive promotional emails and updates, then it's fine. If they think they are only coming in for a free meal (or other incentive), then that's not okay.
I have a client for whom I want to send emails. I will be emailing on behalf of my client and to my client's customers Maybe Maybe. As long as the contact list is correctly gathered and acceptable (as mentioned on this page), it will probably be fine. If they experience a lot of abuse/bounces, it means they do not have an acceptable list and the account is likely to be reviewed.
I received a list of email addresses from my local Chamber of Commerce (or other organization) No No. You must have explicit permission from each contact to send emails. A list from an organization such as a Chamber of Commerce, industry-specific organization, etc. is no different than a paid list. The contacts have not given direct permission and do not expect specific emails from your company.
I have rented a list of contacts No No. We do not allow any form of paid or rented list. It doesn't matter if the seller claimed it was opt-in, or how much you spent on the list. Paid lists are not allowed in any form within our software.


Still not sure about your existing list?

If you suspect that your list may not be in order, it probably isn't. You can always send us a message at with details about your existing contact list and how they confirmed their subscription. We will review this and get in touch with you!

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