How do I set permissions for different users?

If you have created a new user, you can also set the permissions for this user. In this article, you can read more about it.

Please note! User rights are available with plus and professional accounts; Creating a user group

Creating a user group

To grant user rights, you must first create a user group to add the users to. All rights you create for your group will then be applied to all users in that group. With user rights, you can restrict access to:

  • Lists
  • Campaigns
  • Contacts
  • Automations
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • Reports
  • Saved replies
  • Deals

Creating a group and assigning permissions:

  1. Click on 'Settings'
  2. Click on 'Users and groups' in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on the 'Groups' tab.
  4. Click on 'Add new group'.

    Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 11.27.15.png

  5. Fill in the information on the 'Info' tab and select the lists to which this group should have access.


    If you select one or more lists on this tab, your users can only see contacts in those lists. If you do not select any lists, your users will not see contacts associated with lists.
  6. On the 'Permissions' tab, select which administrative rights you want to give your users. For example, you can give them permission to add / edit / delete lists, add / edit / delete / send campaigns, and more. Click the down arrow and select what applies.

    Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 11.30.36.png

  7. On the 'Limits' tab, you can restrict what users in that group can do. To set limits, click on the relevant boxes and provide the requested information. For example, you can limit how many individual emails they can send in a certain period, how many contacts they can add to the account, the number of lists they can create, and the number of campaigns they can send in a specific period.


  8. When you are done, click on the 'Save' button. Read here how to add and remove users.


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