How to create a landing page with Pages in MailBlue?

The landing page option within MailBlue, also known as Pages, is available for Plus or Professional subscriptions.

With MailBlue Pages, you can quickly create a landing page to boost lead generation, collect opt-ins, sell products, and activate automated workflows.

This article covers the following:

Create a landing page

Landing pages are created in the 'Website' section of your MailBlue account. You can create a landing page using easily customizable templates or create a completely custom design.

To create a landing page:

1. Click on 'Website' in the left menu of your account.

2. Click on the 'Pages' option that appears in the left submenu.

3. Click on the 'Add a new page' button.

4. You will now be taken to a page where you can choose a template. Find a template that suits the page you want to create. By hovering over the templates with your mouse, you can select a template or preview it.

If you do not want to use the templates, click on the 'Blank' option.

5. Once you have selected a template or a blank page, you will be asked to give your page a name. Provide a clear name and then click on 'Save'.

Now you are ready to customize the landing page and add content to it.

Customize the design of the landing page

In the page designer, you can add content, adjust the theme, and modify the layout of the page. This works similarly to creating a campaign using the drag-and-drop principle, where you drag blocks from the right sidebar onto the page.

Page blocks include:




Add a section to your page and add other content blocks to it.


Add a row to your page and add other blocks to it.


Add a column to your page and add other blocks to it.


Add navigation to your page and guide visitors around.


Add, edit, and format text.


Add a striking heading to your page.


Add a button for visitors to download files or redirect to your website.

Inline Form

Add a signup form to your page to collect contact information.


Add an image to your page.

Image Caption

Add a caption to your images.


Add a horizontal line to your page to divide it into different sections.

Follow Links

Add social icons to your page so visitors can follow you on social media.


Add a countdown clock to your page to create a sense of urgency.


Add a bulleted list to your page.


Add custom code to your page.


Add a video to your page.


Add a 'Buy' button to your page through a PayPal connection.

Customize the theme of your page

Click on the 'Theme' tab in the right window to make the following adjustments:

  • Background

  • Color palette

  • Font

  • Font size

  • Page layout

Add a form to your landing page

By adding a form to your page, you can generate leads and expand your email marketing lists.

To add a form to your page, drag the 'Inline form' block to the desired location on your landing page. Then, you have the option to select an existing form or create a new one. You can learn how to create a form in MailBlue here.

Publish your landing page or save it as a Template

After customizing the design of your page, you can publish it or choose to save it as a template. When you publish your page, a unique URL will be generated that you can customize.

To save your page as a template, click on the three dots next to the page name and then on 'Save as template'.

To publish your page, click on the 'Publish page' button. A window will open where you can select and customize the domain. By default, a domain is created based on your MailBlue account URL. It is also possible to link your own domain. You can read more about that here.

Once you have specified the desired domain, you can publish the page by clicking on 'Publish'.

After publishing your page, others can view it. However, no one will see your page until you share the link with them.

Add tracking and analytics code to your landing page

Once your page is published, you can enable the tracking code from MailBlue site tracking. All you need to do is navigate to the tracking page in your MailBlue account to enable site tracking and whitelist the domain.

If you use Google Analytics, you can add the tracking ID to your page under page settings. Once added, you can collect data about visitors to your page.

Set meta information for your landing page

Meta-information helps people find your content. With Pages, you have control over this information and how it appears online. For example, you can set the title displayed in a Google search, the image shown when your page URL is posted on social media, favicon settings, or relevant keywords to help people find your page.

Meta-information is accessible through your page settings. Click on the arrow next to 'Edit design' and then select 'View page settings'. In the 'Meta' tab, you can set your meta-information.

Share your landing page

Once you're ready, you can share your page in your ads, emails, social posts, or any other online marketing campaign. All you need to do is copy the URL of the landing page and paste it into your campaign(s).

Manage your landing page

You can view your published page at any time, deactivate your page, or make changes to the content, layout, theme, or page URL.

To do this, navigate to Pages in your MailBlue account. Once there, click on the 'Edit design' button. When the page editor opens, you can make any desired changes to the content, theme, and layout of your page.

To make changes to the URL or page name, or to deactivate your page, click on the drop-down arrow next to the 'Edit design' button. From the drop-down, you can perform the following actions:

  • View page settings
  • View page
  • Undo publish (if the page is live)
  • Get page URL
  • Edit page URL
  • Make a duplicate
  • Rename page

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