Web Personalization: Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Answers

This article contains short questions and answers to frequently asked questions about web personalisation. The web personalisation functionality is only available for Professional subscriptions.

Does web personalisation work for all contacts?
Web personalisation only works for contacts who have a MailBlue tracking cookie in their browser and who meet your segmentation criteria.

For more information on website tracking and placing the tracking code, read here.

Based on what criteria can I create a segment for web personalisation?
You can segment based on existing tags and custom fields.

Can I edit the text formatting on my website with web personalisation?
You can only edit the literal text and image(s) that appear on your website. It is not possible to adjust the formatting (font and other styling).

Does web personalisation affect my SEO?
Your SEO is not affected by web personalisation.

Can I schedule experiences?
When you publish an experience, it goes live immediately. Currently, there is no option to schedule an experience.

What kind of websites does web personalisation work with?
Web personalisation should work with any website, including Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and more.

Can I personalise every page of my domain if I have added it to the trusted list using the wildcard (*)?
It is only possible to personalise specific URLs that have been added to the trusted list. You set up web personalisation per page.

Why is the content on my page flashing?
Content may flicker on a page where web personalisation is applied. This is most likely an FOUC (flash of unstyled content) issue on behalf of the provider of the page where you have applied web personalisation. This is not due to the web personalisation feature.

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