How do I add Google Analytics to my MailBlue landing page (Pages)?

In this article, you will learn how to add a Google Analytics tracking code to your MailBlue landing page (Pages). The landing page option within MailBlue, also known as Pages, is available for Plus and Professional subscriptions.

You can add your Google Analytics tracking ID (global site tag) to the settings of each landing page you create in MailBlue. By doing this, you can see which pages visitors land on and when they leave these pages.

This article covers the following:

Important to know

  • The Google Analytics code must be added to each page you want to track. It is not possible to add this code to all pages at once.
  • Once you add Google Analytics to your MailBlue page, the Google Analytics account collects data from visitors to your page. The page must be published to track this data.
  • You must have analytics set up with Google and retrieve the tracking ID.
  • Google Analytics is provided by Google, it is not a product of MailBlue. If you need help setting up Google Analytics, you can refer to Google's 'Get started with Analytics' article.

Add Google Analytics to your page

The Google Analytics tracking ID must be added to the <head> field on the 'Custom code' tab in the page settings.

Adding the Google Analytics tracking ID to your page:

1. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the 'Edit page' button.

2. Select 'View page settings'.

3. Go to the 'Custom code' tab.

4. Here you will find two fields below, namely <head> and <body>. Type or paste the Google Analytics tracking code into the <head> field.


5. Click the 'Close' button once you have added the code.

To check if Google Analytics is collecting data, you must first publish your page and then visit the page URL. The 'REAL-TIME' page in your Google Analytics account should show that a visitor is viewing the page.

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