How do I integrate with Mollie?

There is no direct integration with Mollie, but fortunately there is a tool available that allows you to still redirect customers to a list in your MailBlue account! This can be done with Paytium.

Paytium is a paid plugin that you can use in combination with a WordPress website. You then connect it with ActiveCampaign. Since MailBlue is a reseller of ActiveCampaign, the integration also works with MailBlue.


If you don't have WordPress or prefer not to use Paytium, you can still track whether someone has completed the payment through site tracking. Please note: site tracking is not 100% foolproof as it also depends on whether the user's browser accepts the tracking.


You can do this as follows:

  1. Activate site tracking.

  2. Create a form in MailBlue where the visitor can leave their email address.

  3. On the form's thank you page, enter the URL that leads to Mollie's payment form.

  4. Subsequently, the visitor can complete the payment, after which they will be redirected to the respective thank you page.

  5. In MailBlue, you can then set up an automation with the starting trigger being that they have visited this specific thank you page.


  6. Subsequently, you can assign a tag to the contact, for example: 'Purchased product A'. Based on this information, you can initiate the appropriate follow-up and always track which product has been purchased.


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