How do I connect Facebook Messenger to my Conversations account?

Important notice: Conversations feature

Please note: From now on, it is no longer possible to purchase the Conversations feature new within MailBlue. Existing customers currently using Conversations can continue to use the feature as usual.

You can link Facebook Messenger to your Conversations inbox in MailBlue. This way, you can communicate with leads and customers who contact you via Facebook through your Conversations overview.
Before you start:

  • Only the main user/admin can link to Facebook Messenger.
  • You have 24 hours to respond to a message received via Facebook Messenger. This is according to Facebook's policy.
  • You can only link one Facebook Messenger account to one Conversations account.
  • You can link multiple Facebook pages to your Conversations account (conversely, you can only link your Facebook page to one Conversations account).

Link Facebook Messenger to your Conversations account

  1. Click on 'Conversations' in the MailBlue menu
  2. Then click on the subtab 'Conversation settings'
  3. Click on 'Channels'
  4. Once you click on 'Messenger', you can check the box to accept the terms. Then click on 'Link Facebook Messenger'


  5. A modal will open where a few more steps need to be taken. First, enter your Facebook details here and click on 'Log in'
  6. Facebook will then ask if you want to continue as the owner of the previously entered Facebook details, click on 'Continue'/'Next'
  7. Next, choose which Facebook business page you want to link to your Conversations account. Click on the boxes for the pages you want to link and click on 'Next'
  8. Finally, you need to give permission for Conversations to use your Facebook page and Messenger. Click on done/finish

Your Conversations account is now linked to your Facebook account. Click on 'OK' to close the modal.

You can now receive and respond to messages from your Facebook Messenger within your Conversations inbox.


Managing your Facebook page connection

If you want to manage the settings of your connection, follow these steps:

  1. In MailBlue, click on 'Settings' in the menu
  2. Then click on the subtab 'Conversations'
  3. Click on 'Channels'

You can manage the following here:

  • Delete account: this will disconnect your Facebook account from Conversations
  • Enable Facebook Messenger: with a slider, you can indicate whether you want to turn the connection between your Facebook Messenger account and Conversations on or off. This is on by default. Once you turn this off, you will no longer receive messages coming from Facebook Messenger in your Conversations account
  • Manage Facebook connections: here you can manage the access and permission of data exchange
  • Status toggle: every Facebook page linked to Conversations has a status 'on' here. You can also turn off the links here
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