What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect two or more apps/software. For example, with Zapier, you can link your webinar system to MailBlue. When someone signs up for your webinar, they will automatically be added to your MailBlue account, allowing you to follow up with them from there. This can also be set up for your online store, CRM system, Google Sheet, Facebook Ads, PayPal, and much more.

In Zapier, you make the connection with ActiveCampaign, as MailBlue is the Dutch partner of the American ActiveCampaign. Read more about our partnership here.

Curious about which software you can connect to MailBlue? Check out this overview.

Please note: Zapier is a paid tool. You can subscribe directly to Zapier and create your own connections, or you can have MailBlue's support department handle this for you. In that case, you can subscribe to a Zapier account through us at the same cost. We will build and manage your 'Zaps'. You can subscribe to Zapier through the portal. For more information, you can read our help article on this topic or watch the video.

Prefer to build your own Zaps/connections? Read this guide from Zapier.

You can also watch our video via this link.

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