How do I create a connection with Bloom?

If you are using a Bloom website, you can directly link it to your MailBlue account. This way, you can ensure that visitors who sign up via the form on your website are added directly to your MailBlue account. This allows you to follow up with them from there.

Follow the steps below to create a link:

  1. Go to your Bloom website
  2. Hover your mouse over 'Email marketing' in the menu and then click on 'Email accounts'
  3. Click on 'New account'
  4. Choose ActiveCampaign (we are their Dutch partner)
  5. Enter the API details of your MailBlue account (find out where to find the API details here)
  6. Click on 'Authorize'

Then, when creating a subscription form in Bloom, you can choose to link it to ActiveCampaign/MailBlue and select a list to which your contacts can be subscribed.

For more information, also check out the Bloom help environment.

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