How can I change my account name / URL?

If you wish to change your account name / URL, you can do so, but there will be consequences. Before submitting the change request, we assume that you are aware of the following consequences:

  • The API URL you use for your current integrations will need to be reset
  • No reports/statistics will be kept for previously created campaigns
  • Images on your templates will need to be updated again
  • Forms will need to be re-integrated on your website
  • Previously created links in your automations/campaigns will no longer work

If you agree to this, you can send a change request from the email address known as the administrator in your MailBlue environment. We have already prepared the message for you. You just need to click on the link below. Please note: in this email, you still need to specify your current account name / URL, and the change you would like to make.

> Click here to send the change request

*  If nothing happens after clicking the link, please send an email to 

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