How do I create an automation where I target contacts based on their product interests?

It can be very valuable to approach contacts based on the products they find interesting. This method can also help convince hesitant customers to make a purchase. In this article, you will learn how to ensure that your contacts are approached through automation when they have shown interest in one of your products.

First, you need to set up an automation where you can determine your contacts' interests based on the website page(s) they visit. You can use the standard template 'Product Interest Tagging' for this purpose.

Next, you can create a follow-up automation to specifically approach the contacts based on these product interests. There is also a standard template available for this, namely the 'Product Interest Targeted Follow-up':


Within this automation, you can send emails that are aligned with the product your contact has shown interest in. The trigger that will start this automation is the interest tag assigned to a contact through the earlier 'Product Interest Tagging' automation.

You can now send content and offers (such as a discount code) related to this product, ultimately persuading a contact to make a purchase.

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