How do I import deals into the CRM system?

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If you are switching from another CRM software such as Pipedrive, Teamleader, or any other to MailBlue's CRM, it can be useful to import existing contacts/deals into MailBlue. This can be done using the import tool.

What we cover in this article:

Before you start importing

Before you begin importing deals, check the following points:

  • Only the 'admin' account has access to this function. Other groups need permission to use this function
  • The import tool only works with a CSV file
  • The file size of the file to be imported must not exceed 100MB. If your file is larger, it is advisable to split it into multiple CSV files
  • Pipelines, stages, and custom deal fields must be created in MailBlue before you can import
  • Deal/contact owners must be created in MailBlue before you can import
  • All deals/contacts imported into MailBlue will automatically be assigned the status 'open'
  • Deals with no defined value will automatically be assigned a value of €100.00 after import

Components of your CSV file

Your CSV file must contain the following information before importing:

  • Pipeline: the pipeline name must exactly match the pipeline you have created
  • Stage: the stage name must also exactly match the stage you have created. Stages in different pipelines can have the same names
  • Deal title: each deal/contact must have a title in your CSV file. If there is no title, you will receive an error during import
  • Deal owner (email address or MailBlue username): each deal/contact must have a deal owner in your CSV file
  • Contact name or Account name: each deal must be linked to an existing contact or account. Ensure that the name matches exactly with the name already known in MailBlue
  • Ensure there are no line breaks between field values. This can cause the import to fail
  • Date fields must have the following format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Different values in a field must be enclosed in double quotation marks and separated by a comma: 'Option 1, Option 2'

Importing deals

  1. To import deals into the CRM, go to 'Deals'.
  2. Click on 'Import Deals' in the top right corner.
  3. The import field will open.


  4. Click on the CSV file you want to import. The file will be uploaded to the importer.
  5. Then, assign columns from the file to fields in MailBlue. Keep in mind that the system automatically tries to link these fields based on the headers. In the Field Values column on the right, you will see an example of field values. To assign fields, click on each MailBlue field name dropdown to assign it to a column in your file.
    Note: you can only assign one column to one field. Please note that if you do not assign 'Deal Value', the deal will have a default value of €100 upon import.


  6. By clicking on the 'Advanced Options' menu, you can:

    Choose to overwrite existing data if columns in the .csv file are empty By default, this is set to 'Off'. This means that existing data in the MailBlue account will not be overwritten by empty values in the .csv file. If you do want to overwrite existing data with empty fields from the file, click the toggle switch to turn it 'On'.

    Select a default pipeline for deals where no pipeline is defined in the .csv file All deals without a pipeline in the .csv will be added to this default pipeline. To use this option, click on the 'Pipeline' dropdown and then on the pipeline you want to use as default.

    Select a default stage for deals where no stage is defined in the .csv file All deals without a stage in the .csv will be added to this default stage. To use this option, click on the 'Stage' dropdown and then on the stage you want to use as default.

  7. Once you are ready, click on the 'Import' button.

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