Add a double opt-in automation to your MailBlue account

You can create a double opt-in process for your email marketing list through an automation. This solution is ideal for customers who use third parties or integrations to create a form to grow their list.

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What is a double opt-in?

A double opt-in is a two-step process that potential subscribers must go through to be added to your list and receive emails. In this process, subscribers must submit a form and then receive a confirmation email. After receiving that email, they must click on the link in the email to officially subscribe to your list as an active contact who wants to receive your emails.

Who should use a double opt-in automation?

You should use the double opt-in automation if:

  • You are using a third-party integration or form to add subscribers to your list in your MailBlue account
  • You are collecting contacts through the signup block available in MailBlue landing pages

If you are using MailBlue forms to collect contacts on a list, the opt-in feature is enabled by default. In that case, you do not need the double opt-in automation.

How the double opt-in automation works

The double opt-in automation highlighted in this article is an example to get you started. Remember that you can customize any trigger or action in a way that best suits your business.

With this automation, contacts will be put into this flow if they meet the following conditions:

  • A specific tag that you have created has been added to their profile
  • They are not yet subscribed to your list

Next, the automation will send the contacts an opt-in confirmation email. This email still needs to be drafted by you and must contain the link that directs contacts to a confirmation or thank you message on your website or landing page. It is not possible to use the standard confirmation link available in the form.

After that, the contact will be added to a waiting step. The contact will remain in this waiting step until they click on the confirmation link or wait for a week.

If a contact clicks on the confirmation link within a week, they will be added to your list and receive a welcome email. For this, the content also needs to be drafted by you.

If you prefer not to send a welcome email, you can always remove this step from the automation.

If a contact does not click on the confirmation link within a week, a tag will be added to their profile and they will not be added to your list. The tag added in this case is ''Didn't Opt-In,'' but you can change it to whatever you prefer.

Import the double opt-in automation into your account

In this section, we will show you how to import the double opt-in automation using a link.

Please note:

  • This automation assumes that you are using a form from a third party or integration to grow your list(s).
  • This automation is an example to get you started. Once the automation is in your account, you can customize the triggers and actions to fit your needs.
  • You need to select a template and create the content for the double opt-in confirmation and welcome emails.
  • The double opt-in confirmation email should include a link that directs contacts to a thank you message on your website or landing page.

To import the opt-in automation, follow these steps:

1. Click on this automation link.

2. Log in to your MailBlue account and click on 'Automations' in the left menu to go to the main automation page.

3. Click 'Create an automated series'. A pop-up screen will appear.

4. Click on the 'Import an automation' button.


5. Paste the URL of the automation into the field and click 'Import'.


6. The system to build your automation will open and display a faded template. Click on the 'Get Started' button in the right column and follow the steps for the complete setup.

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