What is a marketing revenue report?

Please note: the marketing revenue report is available for Plus and Professional subscriptions.

You can use the marketing revenue report to see the amount of income generated by emails within automations and campaigns sent from your MailBlue account. The report helps in understanding how much your marketing communication contributes to the total sales in your business.

How is revenue calculated in the marketing revenue report?

The revenue shown in this report comes from the ActiveCampaign Deep Data integration(s), such as those via Shopify and/or WooCommerce or other deep data integrations. The numbers displayed in this report consist of every order that is synchronised from an e-commerce program linked to ActiveCampaign.

In order to track revenue for purchases in a linked e-commerce program, the following conditions must be met:

  • The purchase must be completed within 7 days after the automation email and/or campaign is sent
  • The purchase must be made by a contact who receives your email. In addition, this contact must have taken action (opened email and/or clicked on a link) in your MailBlue email before this purchase is completed
  • The purchase must be made in a linked e-commerce shop

Please note: Shipping costs and VAT are not included.

How can I view the marketing revenue report?

The marketing revenue report can be viewed under the 'Reports' menu in the main menu of MailBlue. Click on the 'Marketing Revenue' option.

The marketing revenue report will load and show the total revenue of the last 7 days, based on your sent automation emails and campaigns.

marketing revenue reports.png

In this report, you will see the following:

Date range box

Here you can set a period for which you want to see the data by clicking on the field next to 'Start' or 'End'. You will then see a calendar where you can select the desired date.


Currency dropdown

If the report contains multiple currencies, a currency dropdown will appear. By default, the most common currency (e.g. EUR) will be selected. You can optionally choose another currency from the drop-down. Only one currency can be displayed per report.

Total revenue box

The top row of the report displays revenue data for the specified period. On the far left, you will see the total revenue amount. In the middle, the revenue based on emails sent within automations is shown, and on the right, the revenue based on campaigns sent within MailBlue is displayed.

Total revenue chart

The chart illustrates the revenue from sent automation emails, campaigns, and linked shops over the specified period. The X-axis automatically adjusts to the specified period (days, weeks, months, or quarters). The total amount is indicated in orange, revenue based on automation emails in green, and revenue from sent campaigns in blue.

Top 5 automation emails

You will see a green bar showing the top 5 automation emails that have generated the most revenue within the selected period. The X-axis shows the revenue and the Y-axis shows the name of the respective email.

Top 5 campaigns

You will see a blue bar showing the top 5 campaigns that have generated the most revenue within the selected period. The X-axis shows the revenue and the Y-axis shows the name of the respective campaign.

Exporting data

Each graphic within this report can be exported by clicking on the three dots that appear in the top right corner of the respective graphic. When you click on the dots, you can then choose 'Download Data' to save this section as a CSV file.

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