What happens if I delete a wait step with contacts in the queue?

Please note: In general, we strongly advise against making adjustments in an active automation. This can lead to unexpected errors. Therefore, always set the automation to 'Inactive' before making any changes!

If it is a situation where it is necessary for the automation to be 'Active' (e.g. starting contacts at a specific point), it is better to set this aside.

If you want to remove a wait step and there are still contacts in the queue, we recommend shortening the wait step to 5 minutes and allowing the contacts to (accelerated) pass through before removing this wait step.

When a wait step is removed directly, the system is programmed to move contacts to the next action in the automation. However, sometimes contacts may get stuck between two actions as a result. To always prevent this, we recommend adjusting the duration as described above.

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