Which blocks can I use when creating a MailBlue landing page (Pages) yourself?

Learn about the different blocks you can use to create a landing page via MailBlue. Landing pages are available with MailBlue Plus and Professional subscriptions.

You can use drag-and-drop blocks to customise any landing page you create in MailBlue. By doing this, you can add and edit text, display photos and videos, collect contact information, and more.

This article covers the following:

Types of page blocks

You can choose from all the blocks below to create and customise your landing page.




Add a section to your page and add other content blocks to it.


Add a row to your page and add other blocks to it.


Add a column to your page and add other blocks to it.


Add navigation to your page and guide visitors around.


Add, edit, and format text.


Add a striking heading to your page.


Add a button for visitors to download files or redirect to your website.

Inline Form

Add a signup form to your page to collect contact information.


Add an image to your page.

Image Caption

Add a caption to your images.


Add a horizontal line to your page and divide it into different sections.

Follow Links

Add social icons to your page so visitors can follow you on social media.


Add a countdown clock to your page to create a sense of urgency.


Add a bulleted list to your page.


Add custom code to your page.


Add a video to your page.


Add a 'Buy' button to your page through a PayPal connection.

Adding, Removing, and Moving Page Blocks

Adding Blocks

To add a component to your page, drag the block to the desired location on your landing page.

Move Blocks

Once you have added a content block to your page, you can easily move it. Click on the desired block with your mouse and drag it to where you want to place it.

Duplicate Blocks

You can duplicate all blocks you add. To do this, click on the component you want to duplicate and then click on the 'Duplicate' button at the top of the right menu.


Copy and Paste Blocks

It is possible to copy and paste content blocks using the shortcut ⌘C and ⌘V on Mac or Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V on other PCs.

Remove Blocks

To remove a component from your design, click on the block, then click on the trash can at the top of the right menu.


Customising Page Blocks

Many blocks have unique features and settings, but all blocks have equal customisation options. You can find the customisation options in the right menu after selecting a block.


Make the block visible on desktop, mobile, or both. Click on the icon to toggle visibility on or off. At the top centre of the screen, you can switch views to mobile and back to desktop.



You can adjust the width in pixels (PX) or percentages (%). Click on 'PX' to change it to '%' and vice versa.



Add as many backgrounds as you like. They stack in the order you add them. You can change the order using the drag-and-drop system.


Inner Spacing

Type a number in the field to create space between the form block and the section it is in. Increasing the spacing will enlarge the section on your page. You can choose which sides of the form have spacing.



Borders are set in pixels (px). You can choose which sides of the form have borders. You can choose one of the following borders: smooth, dashed, or dotted.



Corners are set in pixels (PX) or percentages (%).


Add Shadow

Add as many shadows as you like. They stack in the order you add them. It is possible to change the order using the drag-and-drop system.


Inner Shadow

Add as much shadow inside the block as you want. They stack in the order you add them. You can change the order using the drag-and-drop system.



Drag the slider to the left or right to adjust the opacity.


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