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At MailBlue, we strive to efficiently handle questions and requests for both you and us. This is how we do it:

  • Do you have a question? No problem! We have an extensive knowledge base ready for you with over 400 articles covering all features and questions. We also have multiple videos available so you can watch how to set up your account directly with us. Most of your questions will already be answered here. 
  • Is your question not listed? Perhaps your question has already been asked in our MailBlue Facebook group. Of course, you can also ask your question here yourself. Additionally, you can fill in our ticket form. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible. The advantage of posting your question in our Facebook group is that other users can also answer your question.


Why do we prefer that you do not ask all support questions by phone? 

  • From our system, we have full access to your account and can immediately view it. This way, we can resolve issues more quickly and in the meantime consult colleagues and/or ActiveCampaign, without long waiting times on the phone.
  • By quickly getting to the core of your question and investigating all details without you (or other customers) being on hold, we can also keep our subscription costs low.
  • Building automations and setting up software is primarily a visual process. We often ask for screenshots, clear descriptions, examples, and links to see exactly what you see. We can also send back complete information with screenshots or videos so we can help you as comprehensively as possible and you can review the information at your leisure.
  • We can manage and use our time more effectively. This makes us faster and allows us to work very purposefully and come to your aid.
  • With support via email, we can gather, record, and organise all data in one place. This gives us access to previously asked questions and allows us to speed up the support process as we often have direct background information. Collecting data via email also helps us to more specifically supplement the online help environment with helpful articles.


Are you interested in MailBlue and would you like personal contact?

First of all, it's great to hear that you are interested in using MailBlue! :) You can find a lot of information about the system on our website, but we understand that you may still have questions. You can send us a message via our ticket form or seek telephone support via 085-029 05 29 (sales support).


Are you interested in a physical meeting?

From a cost perspective, at MailBlue we do not work with account managers and physical appointments but instead invest as much as possible in value for our customers and support. This allows us to keep the costs of our subscriptions as low as possible.

We can however set up online appointments via Google Meet or schedule a phone call with you. If you are interested, you can fill out the support form. We will then contact you as soon as possible!

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