How do I add a link behind a piece of text in my email?

In both an automation email and a campaign, you can place a link behind a text. You can also add an action behind this link, so that a contact who clicks on that link, for example, also receives a tag.

To add a link behind the text, highlight this text within your email and then click on the link button:
Afterwards, you can paste the link to the page where you want to direct your contacts behind 'URL' in the left menu:


Optionally, you can also select an action by clicking on 'Add campaign action'. In the screen that you will see next, you can select an action by clicking on the drop-down menu. For example, you can choose to give the contacts who clicked on the link in this example the tag 'e-book viewed'. This segmentation can be useful for targeted future approaches to the contacts.


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