How can I reply to chat messages and emails from the Conversations inbox?

Important notice: Conversations feature

Please note: From now on, it is no longer possible to purchase the Conversations feature new within MailBlue. Existing customers currently using Conversations can continue to use the feature as usual.

If you have the role of 'agent', you can respond to chats and emails that come in to your Conversations inbox.

All 'agents' can view messages and respond to them. Once someone has opened a message, it is marked as 'read'. When an agent marks a message as 'complete', this is visible to all agents.

Responding to Chat Messages

When a chat message comes in, you will see a red dot next to the Conversations icon in your menu. This indicates that you have an unread message. The message will also appear among your messages in your Conversations inbox. If there is a green dot next to it, it means that this contact is still online.

You can respond with a chat message or an email. Conversations automatically enables the chat function when a contact is still online.

Responding via Chat

  1. Click on the message in the menu to open it.
  2. The message will be visible. Make sure 'Chat' is selected as the channel:


  3. Type your message and click 'Send'.

    Your message will then be visible to the visitor in the chat. They can then respond. The 'Chat' label below your message indicates that the messages you see in your overview were sent via chat.


    If the visitor is no longer online, you can also respond via email.

Responding via Email:

  1. Click on the channel drop-down to select the email channel.
  2. Type your message.


  3. Click on 'Send' to send the email.

    Please note: you can only use the email option when the visitor has left their email address or when they are already a known contact in your MailBlue account.

  4. Your email will be sent, and the chat history will be included.

    You will also see the email in your Conversations overview. You can identify this by the email tag:


Responding to Emails

You can respond to emails from your contacts via Conversations. These can be responses to your campaigns, responses to emails sent via Conversations, or emails forwarded to your Conversations inbox.

Each email in your Conversations inbox is linked to an existing contact or an existing conversation/chat. When you receive an email from an unknown contact, a new contact is automatically created.

  1. Click on the new message in your Conversations inbox on the left side of the menu to open it.
  2. The message will load. To reply to the email, you need to have the email channel selected.

  3. Type your message.
  4. Click on 'Send'.

The email will be sent and will also be visible in the conversation overview. The 'Email' tag indicates that the message was sent via email.

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